The layer 1 network powering the native token Zucoins.

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SplitChain differs from Blockchain as there are no “blocks”.

This means, transactions are not grouped into sets of ever growing blocks or processed by miners on the network.

What is SplitChain?

SplitChain is a layer 1 network powering the native token Zucoins (ZKZ) and soon to be thousands of decentralised applications.

SplitChain is a distributed ledger technology that is different from traditional blockchains in its approach to data storage. Instead of grouping transactions into block that are added to a ever growing chain, SplitChain fragments the ledger across multiple peers on the network, only the last 2 transactions from each user is stored for future transactions.

This allows for high throughput, security and distributed decentralisation.

How does it work?


SplitChain transactions are maintained independently and stored in a split, fragmented index, within peers’ wallets


Network nodes cache each peers last two transactions, until a proceeding transaction replaces it in the network cache for peer discoverability.


Caching the last two transactions allows users to find the truth they need to transact with each other.
These truths include public keys, transactional information and much more.

Solving the Blockchain Trilemma

Zucoins and SplitChain are solving the Blockchain trilemma with true decentralisation, security and scalability.


The SplitChain network operates with a truth-based approach rather than consensus-based, effectively eliminating the risk of a 51% attack.

With a growing node network, the protocol will become decentralised very soon.


SplitChain ensures secure transactions with two-way processing and built-in two-factor authentication (2FA).

Complemented by robust LibSodium (NaCl) encryption and data fragmentation, all audited by UL for optimal safety and reliability.


SplitChain only caches the last two transactions of each user. This allows the network to scale quickly without sacrificing security.

Scaling by the number of network participants, allows for hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

What can
SplitChain do?

Put simply, SplitChain is next gen Blockchain.

Digital Assets

Smart Assets



Asset Tracking

Who operates SplitChain?

SplitChain network nodes operate on low commodity hardware and can be operated by anyone.

Network nodes cache transaction information temporarily, allowing users to validate transactions. Eventually anyone will be able to purchase and set up a node through any web hosting company.