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What are Zucoins?

Zucoins are a cryptocurrency and the native token on the SplitChain network.

Transactions are 2-way with in-built 2FA, occurring in real-time with no miners, no staking and no fees.

No Miners

2-Way / 2FA

No Staking

Zero Fees

Why use Zucoins?

Zero Transfer Fees

With no miners and no staking,
there are no fees.

No Miner / Staking

Transaction validation is performed between peers.

Developer Friendly

Easily develop using widely adopted coding languages.

How do transactions work?

Zucoins transactions are performed between peers on the SplitChain network, with no miners or staking.

Peer 2 Peer

SplitChain operates by propagating and returning cached information across network nodes to users.

This cached information, allows participants to perform transaction validation peer-to-peer, without the need of miners.


Only the last two transactions are cached on the SplitChain network to validate future transactions.

These transactions allow users to quickly find the information they need to transact with each other, such as public keys, wallet balance, transaction history and much more.

Scale and Speed

The network only keeps a users last two transactions, thus keeping the system lightweight.

SplitChain scales by the number of network participants, allowing for hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

The Zucoins wallet

  • A progressive web app (PWA)
  • Looks and feels like a native app
  • No app store approval process
  • Most data stays on a user’s phone, stored inside the self-managed wallet.
  • Easy backup and restore process
  • Easy for developers to modify and enhance.

Want daily crypto news?

Check out for the latest in crypto, blockchain, Zucoins and SplitChain news. is an independent take on Zucoins and the blockchain + crypto world by Rob, the guy who built Zucoins.